Collateral Campaign for the startup FEDDBACC

Client Requested: A unified system of promotional material including a business card, brochure, website and banner FEEDBACC is a start-up that provides an instant micro-survey service geared towards the service industry. Delivered: Theme consisting of sketched characters, standard fonts and color and unified message Accompanying materials: Unique, fold-over business card, customized website that fits both the theme and updated design, multi-use brochure/flyer, two trade-show banners Logo redesign ideas and comps Logo touch-ups Advice on content Response: The materials were used at an Atlanta restaurant convention to secure several leads and received several compliments by attendees.

Business Card
The folded design allows for a larger space to hold a "Try Me" section while following with the quote bubble theme.
Tri-fold flyer.
Using a tri-fold design allows for easy transportation of the flyer. Unfolded, the design contains details about FEEDBACC along with a "Try It Out" section. Ther reverse side contains a quick synopsis of the service.
Business Card and Flyer
The overall goal of theis project was to create a unified theme for all of FEEDBACC's materials. Theme details include variations of the chosen blue color, use of speech bubbles to reflect the use of the service and sketched characters.
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