Flying Monkey Marathon Shirts

Client Needs: T-shirt for the annual Flying Monkey Marathon based on the year’s theme. Delivered: Each year, I have deliver a new tongue-in-cheek shirt design based on the years theme. I take a different, fun approach each year. Response: The t-shirts have earned many compliments, both on race day and after. Folks wear the shirts throughout the year and the coordinator works with me every year on a new design.

TShirt, catch-phrase and illustration based upon the AC/DC hard rock theme.
Design base upon the 2011 pop culture theme(s) of "Think Monkey" and Andy Warhol.
Custom typography and illustration for the 2010 1970s/hippie theme of "Monkey Groovy."
Cheesy logo-illustration-plus-photo montage for "Monkey Wars" theme of 2009.
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